Sea salt and pepper
Salt and pepper for your food better taste..
Seafood Spices
AED 12.00
Seafood Spices for better taste..
Shish Tawook Mixture
Shish Taouk Spices adds a delicious taste to the chicken cubes. Whisk together tomatoe paste, garlic..
Spices For Flavor
Spices for Flavor are used to add a delicious and distinctive flavor to a variety of rice and meat d..
Spices For Meat Barbecue
BBQ Spices are used on all kinds of barbecued meat, chicken, whole mutton or cubes and various pasta..
The Arabic Spice
AED 11.20
Most popular spice and irreplaceable in the Emirati kitchen. It is used to season rice, gravy, meat,..
AED 5.60
Turmeric is good for cooking..
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